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  • What are performing right royalties, mechanical royalties and sync royalties?

    Performing Rights Royalties Performing rights royalties are earned when a music piece is performed publicly. This can mean it is sung or played via recording or in person. Performance royalties are earned when a song is played on the radio, television, internet or performed at a live concert. Even when[…]

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  • What You Need to Know About Music Licensing

    Thinking beyond the musical composition and lyric writing stages of creating music can sometimes be overlooked but it important to think about what will happen to your music once it is out in the musical world for people to listen to, copy, and possible use for their projects. That is[…]

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  • Why You Need to Copyright Your Music

    When you set out to create a composition, write a set of lyrics, and assemble an entire musical piece, it is important to not only think about the creative steps but how you can protect your music once you have your finished product. One of the most important steps to[…]

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