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  •   10+ Years of Performance Experience
  •   Award Winning Vocalist
  •   Has a Three (3) Octave Vocal Range
  •   Sings in Eight (8) Languages
  •   Songwriter on both Guitar & Piano


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Christin Wismann



Someday You’ll See           Secrets

Acclaimed vocalist and Julliard alum, Christin Wismann has toured the world performing both classical music and jazz, garnering many of her fields’ most prestigious awards along the way. Hailed as an “eloquent soprano” (New York Times) with a “strong gleaming voice” (Opera News) and a “compelling presence” (Denver Post), she has now embarked upon an exciting new avenue of self-expression by drawing upon her lyrical and diverse musical background to bring you her own original songs.

Hailing from sunny California, she was born and raised by music enthusiasts; her father a guitarist and songwriter, her mother a choir singer. It was within these musical roots that she found her calling. Christin grew up performing and singing in vocal jazz ensembles, gaining the experience of touring and traveling the world at a young age. Her instructors nurtured her passion for music while encouraging hard work and musical education. The more she studied, the more her ambitions grew to become a stronger musician, which led her to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. There, she continued her jazz and classical training. However, soon after starting at UCSB, Christin discovered she had caught the “Opera Bug” and looked for an opportunity to gain as much experience in this genre as possible.

Christin transferred to Pepperdine University where she took full advantage of her undergraduate years participating in summer programs and competitions with great success. Then, with graduation upon her, she took a brave step forward in applying for a number of acclaimed master’s degree programs around the nation, accepting a place at Julliard School of Music in New York City. Julliard gave Christin the next pieces to her puzzle; a chance to train in a high caliber program, the opportunity to challenge herself and the ability to expand her musical language. The conclusion was a triumph. She was able to fine-tune her technique and it led her to traveling all over the world to perform.

Christin Wismann has led a life filled with diverse education, world travels and, most importantly, love that has all fueled her music with experience and texture. The magic of her music, however, is in its connectivity. She sings from her soul and she speaks for all of us through her strength and vulnerability. It is from her humble roots and her desire to reach out and touch the hearts of her audience with each song that allows the spirit of her music to transcend into a universal language of communication.

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