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As an emerging artist or as someone trying to develop their career, it is important to let your individuality stand out by creating a unique brand and carrying that image across all available platforms. Your personal brand will let both industry professionals and potential fans know what to expect from you as an artist; it can reflect your genre or music and your personality. Developing this image is key to gaining credibility and exposure in the industry.

Our professional brand and design team will collaborate with you to develop a look that reflects you as a performer and works in conjunction with our marketing experts to create strategic plans tailored to your needs. Using our experience and your goals, we’ll plan and implement marketing tactics to get you the exposure you need. Having well-developed marketing strategies and investing in well-designed collateral, will set you apart from the competition and create buzz around you as an artist or band.

We can create a range of personalized packages, providing you with a comprehensive media kit designed to reflect your brand and represent you as an artist.

These packages include:

  •     Website
  •     Folders
  •     Fact Sheets
  •     DigiPak
  •      CD
  •     Records
  •     Storybooks
  •     Mailers
  •    Logo
  •      Letterhead

Talk to us about any unique or out of the box items you’ve been thinking about.

We also have professional writing services if you need help refining or developing your biography, writing press releases, or drafting letters and emails to industry experts.  We’ll help develop your written content and establish your voice that connects you to your fan base.

Are you ready to be our next artist?